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Thunder Road is your Canadian dealer for Ucoat it and we ship all across Canada by Fedex and UPS.
Thunder Road is proud to carry the full line of UCoat It floor coating products and floor cleaning and preparation items. If you are considering UCoat It for your floor coating needs, give us a call at 800 420-6434 . Our staff will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. UCoat It floor coating systems are industry proven. Trusted by homeowners, service shop owners, professional race shops, warehouse managers, marinas, military installations and more — UCoat It is the premier, do-it-yourself floor coating in the industry with applications in over 120,000 commercial facilities throughout North America The UCoat It floor coating system is Lifetime Warranted against lifting and peeling - including "hot-tire" pick-up. The unique properties and application process of UCoat allow the material to flow and penetrate the surface of the substrate creating a permanent bond to the underlying concrete. UCoat It materials are simple to use, and no special tools or equipment are required. Every UCoat It Kit comes complete with UCoat floor coating materials, applicator tools, mixing pail, instructional manual and video (DVD) — basically all the materials necessary to allow virtually any do it your self and institution to properly apply a true, commercial-grade epoxy floor coating system at a fraction of the cost of professional installation' Your can also check out our other web site design to help you out about any question or for phone in ordering at www.thunderroadfloor.com or email us at [email protected]

We also do custom floor install by trained install and designer for home or business with a limited life time warranty all across Canada. Give us a call toll free @ 800 420-6434 for a free quoit on your custom Ucoat it Floor.